Rita Company – 20 Years of Journey to Become Vietnam's Leading Beverage Manufacturer and Exporter

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In 2024, Rita Company will celebrate two decades of growth and innovation. From its humble beginnings, Rita has emerged as Vietnam's premier beverage manufacturer and exporter. Over the last two decades, Rita products have expanded our reach to over 200 countries and territories in the previous two decades, establishing a robust global presence rooted in our unwavering dedication to excellence.

The success we celebrate today is the result of numerous factors, including our steadfast commitment to a well-defined developmental path from our early days, the visionary leadership of our team, and the unwavering dedication of every member of the Rita family. Through resilience and determination, Rita company has navigated countless challenges to emerge stronger. As we reminisce about our 20-year journey, we take pride in the enduring legacy crafted by generations of Rita employees.

Rita Company's 20-Year Development Journey

Founded in June 2004, Rita Company embraces the slogan  "Good Taste- Good Health”.  Our goal is to deliver a refreshing and nutritious beverage by leveraging the creativity and innovation inherent in the natural resources of Vietnam's tropical region.

In 2006, the company launched the PET bottles and glass bottles production lines. Since then, besides the main fruit juice product, the company has expanded its products to include coconut water, aloe vera juice, energy drinks, and coffee. New packaging helps Rita company meet customers' needs in many customer segments.

2008 marked the company's remarkable development journey, we successfully conquered the US market with our first orders, opened up one of the largest markets in the world for Rita's company. The international market opens up excellent business opportunities for Rita company. Rita proactively collaborates with farmers to establish raw material areas that adhere to stringent global standards,  ensuring a stable and reliable supply of raw materials for continuous factory operations.

In 2014, Rita Company celebrated its 10th anniversary. Rita products are present in 90 countries and territories worldwide.  Rita is becoming well-known in challenging markets like the US, Europe, Japan, and Korea. Export orders are growing every day, with more products and larger quantities.

2018 Rita Company expanded its operations by investing in additional paper box production lines. UHT technology ensures that liquids retain their maximum nutritional value and essential nutrients. Our range of beverages, including fruit juice, coconut milk, aloe vera, drinking yogurt, and milk tea, will now be conveniently packaged in paper boxes ranging from 200ml to 1000ml in capacity. Through advanced high-temperature treatment and ultra-fast cooling processes, we ensure the elimination of all harmful bacteria, yeasts, and molds. This innovative method guarantees product freshness for six months or more without refrigeration or preservatives.

  In 2024, after 20 years of establishment, Rita company became one of the leading beverage manufacturers and exporters in Vietnam and is available in more than 200 countries and regions worldwide.  Presently, the Rita company is engaged in the production and processing of a diverse range of product lines. All products pass international certifications, including HACCP, HALAL, ISO, GMP, etc. Besides the Rita brand, we also provide OEM products that are flexible on customization of ingredients, taste, and packaging based on customer demand. We supply with low MOQ and fast delivery time. We proudly provide the best service from before order to after sale, 24 hours daily and seven days weekly.


20 Years of Perseverance – Appreciation for Every Contribution

Rita believes that our success is due to our internal efforts and the tremendous support of our customers. The trust and support of our customers drive us forward, inspiring continuous improvement and commitment to meeting your expectations. We aim to nurture mutually beneficial partnerships by offering customers high-quality beverage products at competitive prices and fostering essential and mutually beneficial business relationships.

Rita Company is committed to enhancing production capacity and product quality to meet the ever-growing market demands. Presently, we operate 20 production lines featuring various packaging options to boost efficiency and ensure timely deliveries. Moving forward, we will continue our endeavors to fulfill customer and market requirements with even more extraordinary dedication.

After two decades of growth, Rita Company reiterates that its most valuable asset is human resources. Every individual's contribution is deeply appreciated with employees ranging from those who have dedicated nearly two decades to those who have recently joined. With the collective effort of all team members, Rita's current success is achievable. Additionally, Rita Company is dedicated to providing optimal opportunities for each employee to realize their full potential. We are proud to have you as part of the Rita family, and we hope that Rita serves as a bright chapter in your career journey.

The two-decade journey signifies Rita Company's ongoing growth. Moving forward, we aim to enhance value for the company's customers, partners, community, and employees. We are proud to be the leading beverage manufacturing and exporting company in Vietnam and a reliable partner of our customers.

fire proves gold, adversity proves men

mastering challenges fostering continuous growth

20 years of challenges and fluctuations

you and i create the future

leading through innovative thinking and actions

enthusiasm forged into strength

perseveringly pursue the future

pursue and conquer success with determination

2024 – opportunities challenges and glory



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Dear Esteemed Partners and Clients,

Rita Food & Drink Co., Ltd wishes to update you on the Lunar New Year 2024 schedule as outlined below:

Closure Period: February 6th to February 14th, 2024

Normal Business Operations Resume: February 15th, 2024

May the coming year bring you, your families, and your endeavors abundant health, joy, and prosperity.

Welcome to the Year of the Dragon!


Thong Bao Nghi Tet 2024 Eng

Insights into the Rita's Beverage Packaging Production Line

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Please continue sharing updates about Rita's production activities and products. Our next focus is on the factory's packaging production line. Rita has implemented automated packaging lines as a strategic measure to enhance the quality and overall productivity of the packaging process.

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