Best Quality Peanut Milk 350ml Pet Bottle Rita Brand

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  • Volume : 350 ml

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  • Supply ability : 300 Twenty-Foot Container/Month.

    peanut milk 350


    Rita peanut milk is non-dairy drinks created from peanuts and water with the tastes like peanut butter in a glass. The delicious and greasy peanut milk flavor is suitable for many people, including children. Peanut milk provides a good source of vitamin E, magnesium, vitamin B-6, and heart-healthy unsaturated fats. The sweet and fragrant peanut milk is suitable to start the new day as well as an afternoon tea.


    1. Promote brain health

    Peanut is rich in vitamin B3 and niacin that help to improve the brain function. Some studies show that niacin helps to reduce Alzheimer's disease in the elderly. In addition, peanuts also help reduce the depression.

    2. Support cardiovascular health

    Many studies show that peanut has the ability to improve the cardiovascular disease. Besides, the manganese found in peanut may stabilize blood sugar. It also prevents the formation of small blood clots and reduces the heart attack or stroke.

    3. Reduces birth defects

    Peanut contains a good amount of folate which is an extremely good substance for pregnant women. Folate has the ability to support the brain of the fetus and reduce the risk of birth defects. Peanut milk is worth trying and using for a long time because of its convenience and benefits.

    4. Support weight loss

    The calorie found in peanut will create a feeling of fullness and limiting appetite. In addition, it also helps to consume more energy in the body. The insoluble fiber in peanuts also plays an important role in reducing the risk of weight gain.

    5. Helps to improve skin health

    Thanks to the present of monounsaturated acids and resveratrol, peanut milk has the ability to replenish water for the skin and make it brighter. Peanut is also rich in vitamin E which helps to reduce wrinkles on the skin and protect the skin from free radicals.

    6. Strengthen the bones

    Peanut is a great source of minerals likes manganese and phosphorous. Two minerals help to strengthen the bones and maintain better bone health as we age.

    7. Controls blood sugar levels

    Peanut milk is considered a healthy option for diabetics as it helps the body regulate insulin. Peanuts also have low glycemic index which means that drinking peanut milk will not cause any large spike in blood sugar levels.



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