Sparkling Hibiscus Drink 250ml Alu Can

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  • Volume : 250 ml

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  • Supply ability : 300 Twenty-Foot Container/Month.
  • Sparkling Hibiscus Drink 

    A Classic Floral Favourite From “Hawaiian Dreams”

    Sparkling Hibiscus 250ml



    Rita Sparkling Hibiscus Drink embodies the taste of beautiful and healthy herbal, Hibiscus. The perfect combination of hibiscus flowers and carbonated water create the powerful herbal drink may make you do crazy things. This naturally floral flavored sparkling water captures the naturally sour sweet taste, extending the season beyond autumn for year-round enjoyment.



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    1. Helps To Lower Blood Pressure

    One of hibiscus’s  benefits for health is its ability to help lower blood pressure. Many studies show that hibiscus can help in  in reducing systolic and diastolic pressure. Though, patient who are already on the diuretic ‘Hydrochlorothiazide’, it is not advised to use. Because it might be a risk of interaction and not good for your health.

    2. Boosts Immunity

    Hibiscus is rich in vitamin C which responsible for keeping our immune systems healthy. Vitamin C also can help with wound healing. Our body cannot produce ore store vitamin C, so we should include vitamin C in your diet daily.

    3. Protects Your Liver

    One of the hibiscus’s benefits is reducing liver inflammation. One study show that hibiscus extract may improve liver steatosis, which could reduce the risk of liver failure.

    4. Benefits For Your Skin

    The strong antioxidant vitamin C plays an important role for the synthesis of collagen since it also helps in the stabilizing and cross-linking of the collagen molecules. Furthermore, hibiscus is also rich in vitamin A which can lead to the improvement of acne, eczema and mild skin allergies.

    5. Controls Cholesterol Levels

    Some studies show that hibiscus may reduce cholesterol levels. Enjoys hibiscus drink daily may help  to increase “good cholesterol” and decrease “bad cholesterol”.

    6. Rich in Antioxidant

    Hibiscus is herbal which has a number of antioxidants. Antioxidants might protect your body from free radical damage and thus improves immunity and overall functioning of the body. The antioxidant called anthocyanin found in hibiscus may help fight many chronic diseases.

    7. Helps To Ease Inflammation

    Rich in beta-carotene,  hibiscus is useful in dealing with issues such as inflamed and itchy skin. It also helps reduce oxidative skin damage that leads to problems like aging, wrinkles, dark spots and saggy skin.


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